Commercial Construction and Medical/Surgical Facilities

Our commercial clients have enjoyed the speed and professionalism which has become a well known quality of our company. We have a wide range of clients and can work under any situation which will best serve their needs. If the project requires off hour work, high security job access, or maintaining a clean environment, MSC can serve these needs.

Our crew understands the need for proper site protection and courtesy towards the employees of our client. We are skilled at allowing our client’s daily business to proceed. These are just a few of the reasons why MSC has many repeat customers. By providing the highest quality craftsmanship, and jobs completed on schedule and on budget, MSC has established ourselves as a top tenant improvement contractor.

MSC provides construction services to medical facilities and surgical hospitals throughout Southern California on a daily basis. We have developed the skill to work along with the medical staff and on site facility engineering staff for renovation and repair projects. Additionally, MSC performs all types of maintenance. We have extensive knowledge of all infectious control procedures and work under all OSHPD specifications.