Church Restoration

MSC has found great pleasure working for many religious denominations. It has proven to be extremely rewarding to perform renovation work on important structures in the community. Each congregation has shown its commitment to their project. We have had great success in maintaining and enhancing the beauty of their Schools, Chapels, and Sanctuaries.

These buildings are often places where its members have been attending services and activities for their entire life. With many community services, these buildings are anchors which stabilize their neighborhood. Our work on churches has provided some of our most dynamic construction challenges. MSC has installed structural steel on towers of great height and also installed anchors whose depth has exceeded 20 feet. These structural features have been concealed by matching existing finishes using sensitive construction approaches.

Our fine finish on these projects have been most rewarding. In a world that seems to have lost craftsmanship in woodworking, these jobs have provided an opportunity for our forces to recreate century old finishes.