Status: CLOSED

Date Due to MSC: August 25, 2014

Time Due to MSC: 2:00PM

Project Name: Camp Barrett Staff Housing

Project Number: 6561

Project Address: 21077 Lyons Valley Road, Alpine, CA

Project Owner: County of San Diego

Estimated Value: $325,000 – $350,000

Prevailing Wage: YES

Actual Due Date:

Actual Due Time:

Description: Demolition and removal of the existing trailer and the installation of (2) two units; one 4 bedroom/4 bathroom and lounge, and one 8 bedroom/8 bathroom manufacture staff housing units with all accessories and site work included.

Notes: *Please note it is the Subcontractors responsibility to verify all conditions and full scope of work prior to issuance of proposal. Submission of proposal confirms Subcontractor has full understanding of plans and contract documents.